We love what we do.

Our specialty is photojournalism & storytelling with more than 8 years of worldwide experience from Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia & Croatia. Our mission is to tell your story in a natural, emotional & creative way. To catch “that” moment of joy. To remind you of “that” feeling again in 20+ years.

Lipstick Weddings Crew

Passionate about life, wish there was 48 hours in a day, allergic to alcohol, addicted to snowboarding.

Borna Kuzmanovic

Founder / Lead Photographer / Videographer

Car guy, can free-dive insane depths, fun to be around with, he's is good at but hates video edits.

Dorian Gasparovic

Lead Videographer / Photographer

Marketing mastermind, grumpy most of the time, starts the day even before coffee, blind without glasses.

Dorothea Zajgar

Social Media / Photographer / Videographer


Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! We love to travel and that's our second passion. We have worldwide experience from Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Slovenia and Croatia.

We're not comfortable in front of the camera

Don't worry. Our style is unobtrusive and we capture spontaneous moments. Just focus on your partner and be yourself. You're won't even notice us.

Can we meet before we book?

Of course! If you live nearby and have time, we would love to meet you. If that's not possible we can e-meet via Facetime.

How many weddings you do annually?

No more than 40. We prefer quality over quantity so we can only accept limited number of weddings.

What are your prices?

Feel free to e-mail us at and we'll send you our price list.

How can we book?

Signed agreement and booking fee is required and it can all be done online. If you're thinking about hiring us, feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.

How long do we need to wait to receive our photos & videos?

You can expect to have photos delivered in an online password protected gallery within 2 weeks. Videos are delivered in approx. 6 weeks.

Where are you based?

We're based in Zagreb, Croatia, but only from October to April. Rest of the year we travel for weddings.

Do you have a backup?

Of course! That's very important. We have several backups including cameras, lenses, hard drives so your photos and videos are safely stored on 2 - 3 different locations.

What is your style?

We're specialised in photojournalism and storytelling, as well multiple exposure photography. We also produce feature films that are approx. 10 minutes long rather than classic 2 hour movies. The reasons are many and we'll gladly explain why.

Printing Emotions

All our wedding books are hand made in Croatia, a real timeless premium quality products.

After the wedding, we’ll create a private gallery for you including wedding book preview (if in the package), so you can review it and select the cover design & materials before print.

We also offer smaller wedding books for family & friends, which is a perfect surprise gift from you to your nearest & dearest.

” I could never imagine it would look so damn good! The sharpness and built quality is just outstanding! Now we have to invite our whole family to see this. ”

” I could never imagine it would look so damn good! The sharpness and built quality is just outstanding! Now we have to invite our whole family to see this. ”