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Worldwide Experienced & Multiple Awarded
Team of Photographers & Cinematographers

Specialized in documentary & multiple exposure photography.
More than 4 years of worldwide experience from Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia & Croatia.

Our Mission?

To tell your story in a natural, emotional & creative way. To catch “that” moment of joy.
To remind you of that feeling again in 20+ years.

As we prefer quality over quantity, we can only accept limited amount of weddings yearly.
If your thinking about hiring Lipstick Weddings Team, contact us now. Our services are being booked one year in advance.

Our Drive?

Less is more. Minimalist composition. Expression of details.
We use all the skill, equipment & technique to make your request special & unique.
And that’s a promise!


Proud Members of the World's Best

What people say about us & our work
  • Thank you for a completely different approach, your naturalness, honesty & relaxation! Everything else can be seen from your presented perspective!

    Dina & Ivan
  • I was just going through the photos, AGAIN. Your work is awesome & and you are a great team! I’m going to make some popcorns & watch the movie with Petar now. Thank you so much!

    Mirna & Petar


We strongly believe that when passion is involved in work we create, magic happens.

Are you ready?