8 Tips For Looking Great in Your Wedding Photos

February 28, 2018

Don’t let pictures spoil your fairytale day! Check the ultimate expert guide to looking like a model!

Lots of people think they aren’t photogenic at all. A great deal is up to photographer who needs to loosen up their clients. This is an opportunity to get expert advice and feel totally prepared for your special day, to enjoy and be fully in every moment! You don’t have to be afraid to be surrounded by cameras all day long, from all possible angles… After this blog, you will want even more!

You will feel proud to show your photo album, which will last as your lifetime memory. Follow this easy steps and feel immediate stress relief:

1. Hire a professional photographer

Why? It is not just a guy who has bought himself a camera and earns money due to getting the technical stuff. He is an artist who knows how to transfer your emotions, your inner beauty and how to catch those little inspiring moments, he knows how to show your day as special as it was. This is your zero step for photo stress-free wedding. It is also very good to meet the photographer before the wedding, so you can be more relaxed and feel a „friendly“ atmosphere useful for quality shooting.


It is perfectly OK to stand in front of the mirror and observe which smile you like and which side of your face you prefer. Relax, nobody is watching you and even the best models in the world do it.

3. Posture

Straight your back and shoulders when in front of the camera. In group photos the most popular one is standing with popping one hip and slightly bending the other leg – body seems like a curve, in fact, it looks slimmer. If that is your goal on photos, keep one shoulder to slightly forward, avoiding standing straight to the camera. When striking a pose, it is important that you feel natural, so practice the poses as well. „IT pose no. 2“ is putting one hand on your hip and another one behind you. This pose gives you a firm and positive „attitude“,  For avoiding the „ double chin“ ask your photographer to take the photo above the eye level or you just slightly move your hide to the side.

4. Focus on your partner

It is the two of you that matter! So hug your partner, kiss, laugh, look at each other…Just enjoy being with your loved one.

5. Relax and forget about the camera

Be spontaneous. Don’t look in the camera, unless you are told so. Enjoy, talk, chat with your guests, fully indulge in fun, to living your most special day and the rest will fall into place…(read into hands of your photographer).

6. Extra makeup

Due to all day activities, changing the light for shooting etc., be prepared for heavier makeup and for extra coverage. Your bridesmaid’s mission is to be standby for all quick improvements!


No kidding, right? But, when you stand in front of the camera, lots of us forget the most important thing! Be happy and it will show the quality of the photos! The photographer will know how to „catch“ your happy moment. Just be yourself!

8. Remember: You are beautiful.  Confidence is the best photo tip.

Feel free to ask us more expert tips.

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