Common Mistakes in Planning Your Wedding Day

February 28, 2018

We reveal you the most common mistakes couples do during the planning of their wedding, based on our experience.


1. Don’t plan without a budget!

You don’t want to return the dress, cancel the honeymoon or serve just sandwiches because you figured out that you can afford the venue when it is already too late, don’t you? First define the budget, follow with discussing the guest list and then book the venue. Especially in that order. Then you can sort all the other „details“. This is the core of your event!

2. Outdoor events without plan B

Yeah, we know. It is really romantic to have an outdoor event, just as you have imagined your whole life, but it is not always a good idea to have a garden party, for example in May or in September, when the weather is quite unstable.  If you do plan so, always have a plan B. Hire a venue that offers both outdoor and indoor space for your big day. Check La Grma for that!

3. Micromanaging the details

It is perfectly legit to want a perfect event just as you imagined and to think about all details, but pushing the limits of hired professionals can be contra productive. You don’t have to check everybody’s schedule several times. Don’t forget you have a team of professionals by your side who are taking care of all the logistic details while your duty is to be clear about what you want in the very start and show them your trust.

4. Worrying what others will think

It is your day. All the guest will be satisfied just to come and show you honor. The goal of this event isn’t making your family and friends happy, but yourself and your partner. Focus on your love, on your relationship, on your values and wishes, and not the opinions or needs of others. What color will the napkins or the flowers be, how will the venue look like. You probably checked that before, and now it is all about you, the guests are here to applause your choices and to celebrate your love! Also, it stands for music as well. Ordering songs and open mics doesn’t have to be your choice.

5. Keeping the tradition you don’t like

The point of the wedding events is to speak about yourself and your partner and your common values. So, if you just do what you think you should suppose to do, you will end up feeling lost and like on somebody other’s wedding. If you don’t like the tradition or you are not obliged to follow it, feel free to put a spark of your personality in every detail!

6. Forgetting or not doing the photo session

Please, do not skip the photo session! It is a good idea to plan the session when the sun goes down, in the last hour (the golden hour) so your photographer could have perfect conditions for quality photos and don’t forget to assure yourself  the best lifetime memory. You are going to love that photos for the rest of your life, so don’t be lazy, photo session is a must!

7. Not investing in video material

Lots of couples decide it is too expensive or they don’t want a wedding video, but in the end, they feel sorry for not having the movie version of their big day! Long videos are quite boring nowadays, so the best idea is to make a short, dynamic and creative video (5 min – 30 min).

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