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To be honest, this wedding is the most casual we have ever done so far.

The location is a pretty unknown beach on Cres Island, that can’t be reached by car. There a really long and steep walk from the “car parking lot” (basically you ditch your car somewhere in the forest) and we thought we got lost for the first time we went there. Boat is a way better option. All the guests brought their own apartments, aka the tents. People were partying, swimming, chilling during the day and then more partying during the night. The electricity was generated by gas powered generators. Everything was actually DIY. The whole wedding.

We really like that kind of experience because it was totally different from what we’re used to. The vibe was great, everyone was happy and easy going. The food (DIY sushi) and grill were amazing! All the decorations were really cute. And there were a lot of dogs too! The highlight was the sky full of stars and meteor shower.

We would definitely like to have more weddings like this one, so if you are thinking about it, please, let us know!


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Beach Wedding on Cres Island




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