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This couple is crazy amazing!

So, we met and started talking..everything seemed normal until Tea said she didn’t rent the wedding dress, she bought it. My automatic response was “oh great! so you can jump in the sea after the wedding!” – she was thrilled!

The wedding day was really great. Perfect temperature, great weather and easy going atmosphere. The moment we realized how crazy this couple is, was the first dance. No one saw it coming. It was THE BEST entrance & first dance ever! I’ve never seen all the guest on their feet jumping, dancing and having amazing time like that. No one really know what happened, maybe it was the great music, or the atmosphere overall, but it was definitely unseen before. The song was Pursuit of Hapiness and that entrance looked pretty much as in Project X. 

Later that night we ended dancing with Iva & Lauren after we shoot way too much material before.

The next day we went for a session, really hungover one. For all of us.
After an hour of shooting, we did the final shot. It was the jump. “Refreshing like a glass of cold water after a hard night out”, a hangover cure.


Wedding Day: Sibenik, Croatia
Venue: Atrium
Session: St. Nicholas Fortress

Dalmatia Wedding & Underwater Session 81

Dalmatia Wedding & Underwater Session Video




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