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We got super excited when Una emailed us and told she want us to film the wedding! We knew it was going to be amazing! And it really was! So many WOW factors!

We started early that day. Our team hit the Hotel Kvarner Gym in the morning, and after that we went for a swim in a little private beach in front of the hotel. We met with Iris, the wedding planner from Yes I Du company and did the final checks before we started.

It was wedding time around 2pm. Una & Sani started preparing in the separate rooms, flors actually. It was super hot that day, so extra cold air conditioned rooms were even better than a swim that morning.

The ceremony was held on a hotel terrace, just before sunset. It was still pretty hot at that time but that didn’t stop them from getting married. Also, the ceremony was the first look and Sani bursted into tears when he looked at Una. It was really romantic!

We went for a session afterwards, while guests had some time to chill, grab a drink and listen to the piano by the pool.

The seagull kept attacking our drone, the whole weekend but specially during the session. Maybe he wanted to take some photos too or didn’t favour our perspective!

Just after the sunset, it was time for their first dance. It was a mixture of slow romantic dance followed by party song perfect for the beginning of the night. The first part was on the terrace, as well the speeches and the second part in the venue. Hotel Kvarner organized a special surprise for the newlyweds! In the midnight they had a chance to press the button for their own fireworks show.

It was a blast!

We are so happy that Una & Sani decided to hire us for their wedding. It was a great experience for us and everyone is still happy how it went.

If you’re planning a wedding in Opatija, send us a message! We’d like to hear your story and give you some valuable tips & tricks!

Luxury Adriatic Wedding in Opatija 9

Luxury Adriatic Wedding in Opatija




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