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When we first met Sladjana & René they told us the only thing they don’t want in the rain on their wedding day… well, that didn’t happened but everything turned out really great! The light on Bled that day was perfect and we were able to achieve that “moody” look. We started early, with preparations in Hotel Golf, casual as always, without many interventions from our side. The guests started coming in the hotel lobby and when gathered, the whole wedding went to the island for the ceremony. Pletna boat ride was really nice experience. Not just for us, also for all the guests. The most interesting thing is that the boats are man powered, without engines. No one was expecting that. The ceremony was in a cute little Church of the Assumption on top of the island, and 99 steep steps to get there. Inside is a rope which is pulled to ring the bell for the luck after the ceremony.

The session was amazing. The rain stopped and we could make some really nice drone shots. René booked a Citroen DS 21 “the frog” for a romantic ride around Bled Lake to the Castle for the other part of the session while guests went to the Grand Hotel Toplice.

Funny part of the night, Sladjana & René didn’t do the first dance at the beginning, instead, they did it at the end. And it was really romantic.

Pamela Ramljak and the band were on fire the whole evening, and so was Petar, the camera guy from our team. He switched with the drummer for couple of songs. We’ll never forget all the weird looks, of course, but all went well, he’s quite good actually!

Overall, it was a really nice wedding. Everything was by the schedule, thanks to the wedding planner Primavera Bled!

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Enjoy the gallery and the video.

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Romantic Rainy Wedding on Bled




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